5D Tools for Ascension

Hollow Earth Headbands & Crystal Chakra Rods

Quick Restore Harmonizers

Energy Balancing Within Minutes


  Body Attunement

  • EMF Electronics affects on your body
  • Where you hold your stress
  • Consciousness Raising
  • Harmonizes your body(s)

Shungite Water Purification

Quick restore Harmonizer plates for water and food purification.

We offer 6", 5" and Coaster size which is called a large Harmonizer disc .

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Harmonizer Plates

Shungite superior mixture plates


Place  your phone or tablet on this plate. After touching the screen, touch  the plate to clear your body from the electronic effects. Great size to  sit your food, drinks, gallon of water, fruit and supplements on. 

EMF Cell Phone Harmonizer

EMF Cell Phone Harmonizer Disc


Cell  phone Harmonizer discs are our small size discs (1.75") but are thinner  so they dont add bulk to your phone. They have double sided tape to  stick to your phone or phone case.

Harmonizer Bracelets

Harmonizer Bracelets

 Stylish  full time protection, harmony and balance assistance. This is a great  way to keep  our Harmonizers next to your body and on you all the time.  It is a high quality stretchy bracelet made of the Harmonizer special  formula same as in all of the Harmonizers. It can be washed and can get  wet. You can swim with it also. 

Harmonizer Pendants

Harmonizer Pendants = Zorra of Hollow Earth Pendant may have additional benefits.

 These  Harmonizer pendants are superior in energy, clearing and balancing your  bodies. They work on more than the physical plane.They are made of a  divinely inspired/guided mixture of the most powerful and purest, high  quality Earth minerals held together in a skin safe, non-toxic form. 

This pendant has added benefits. 

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