EMF / 5G / Radiation Protection


This company has AMAZING products for: 5G, Wi-Fi, Radiation Protection,  Geopathic Stress, Meditation, Manifestation, Chakra Healing and General Wellbeing.

This is a GREAT way to protect your home and your loved ones from so many disharmonious energies.

We recommend these items:

  • 5g  -Smart meter Protection Package
  •  23ct Gold Double Strength Large Towerbuster's
  •  Mayan Calendar Step Pyramid HHG 
  • Orgone Protector Pyramid Quartz Tesla Coil  
  • Green Cosmic Ordering Manifestation Giza Green Pyramid
  • Orgone Tesla Radionics Activator Chi Om Mantra Meditation Device Pyramid

Copy & Paste these titles into their search bar on their website and read what they do.

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Lifewave Patches Mentioned by Dr. Quila


LifeWave:  Transformative wellness products that tap into the body’s  natural energy frequencies through "patches". These are "patented,   proprietary wellness products that deliver more energy, better sleep,   reduced stress, sharper mental focus, and an overall feeling of  youthful  vitality". 

OurWebsite: https://lifewave.com/hollowearth 

ID: 1007135

If you have any questions about the patches, call 

Valerie 928-5374411 or email Dr. Quila Rider: act127@gmail.com

Dr. Quila's website for more information: 

www.patchdr.com or www.dr.quila.com

USA Customer Service

6:00am – 4:00pm (Pacific Time) / M-F

Tel: (800) 681-9216

(Toll Free from Mexico)

Tel: (866) 202-0065


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Lapis Pro = 60 capsules

Gut Microbiota Bio-regulator Complex Jared Rand recommends ordering 3 bottles if you dont have diseases and 6 bottles if you do. Then take Lapis Elixir if you feel great and are ready. 

Ages 6 and over can take Lapis Elixir

Lapis Pro is ALL NATURAL, NON - GMO, is grown in a pristine environment and goes through high quality testing.

Safe to Take with anything!

Lapis  pro has has had no negative side effects and is non- addictive. The  affects normally last from a few months to a few years according to how  you are for your body.

*Use Discount code waolfac20 at checkout for 20% off everything! 

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Zero Point Encoder Bracelet & Entrainer Drops

Zero Point Encoder Bracelet & Entrainer Drops


The ‘ZeroPoint Encoder‘  is a first-to-market cutting-edge adaptation of piezoelectric  technology that transmits frequencies which bring body and mind into a  state of harmonic resonance or cohesiveness. It’s symbiotic companion is  ‘Entrainer Drops‘, a vibrational synthesis of organic  water formulated on the latest research into the ‘Memory of Water‘ and  works in synergy with the Encoder to improve the health and well-being.

Here are 2 great informational videos...
Scientific Testing of Encoder Bracelet and Entrainer Drops
Encoder and Entrainer Testimonials

Here are video testimonials for the Encoder.

This Intro Pak includes the Encoder Bracelet, Entrainer Drops  & 2 other products. When you order this Intro Special  Pak put 000-00-0000 for your social # as it is not needed until you want  to be a distributor.

*My  results: Deep, wonderful sleep awakening clear headed with increased  creativity and an overall sense of heightened well-being. 1 drop in 8-10  oz of water or juice will provide increased energy and endurance just  before a workout.

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Sisel Age Pill = Awesome Detox


  The AGE Pill, provides three classes of advanced super-nutrients to provide intense support to the stem cells for:
1. Removing glycation buildups that inhibit intercellular proteins.
2. Supporting the stem cell’s internal system to break down and remove toxins, sludge and cellular garbage that have built up.
3. Allowing a significant increase in ATP-providing biological hydrogen.
Theoretically,  this process could increase electrical energy within the  stem cells  three or four fold, to where you may feel like you were 20  again. *Zorra  says this is a gift from the Galactics, Prime Creator and  Himself for  all of humanity. Zorra says vision, greying of hair, skin,  sleep and so  much more can quickly improve. Try it for yourself and  see!   

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Natural Pain Relief and Body Repair Tool

Denas Pain Relief Store Denas PCM-6

DENAS = New and Improved Scenar Technology

This technology by the Russians for use by the Cosmonauts in space in place of pharmaceutical drugs.

The PCM-6 is an ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY handheld device with BioFeedback capabilities.

This device communicates with the brain to help the body naturally repair itself! 

Denas-PCM 6’s Space Age Advanced Therapeutic features include 112 frequencies and 24 pre-programmed health modes.

NOW you can benefit from Earthing indoors year round with the built in Schumaan resonance frequency! 

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NEW TECHNOLOGY = Introducing the world's 1rst quantum-energy wellness products managed with an app!

By downloading the Limbic Arc app, you can gain access to 150 unique, quantum-energy wellness products to manage on your mobile device (Smart Phone, Tablet or IPAD)

Quantum Phone App = Learn More!

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More Amazing Tools

Vibrational Energy Sessions


 For HIGHLY recommended energy healing of physical/emotional issues ... Visit Robyn's site: www.StrongestVersionofYourself.com. She now is certified in Numerology. Robyn is AWESOME!!! I cant say enough about her work!!! In just 1 hour you can see change! 

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The Lemurian Plug™


"Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life"

Neutralize  Toxins * Protect Yourself from EMFs * Enjoy Restorative Frequencies for  Healing * Preserve Food * Transfer Energy to Phones  

Have the Lemurian frequency in your home with the Lemuriian Plug.

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