Healing Rod as used in Ancient Lemuria


Healing  Rods clean and balance chakras and also clear away negative energies.  They are a powerful addition to your headband! Your healing rod is a  good size, about 16" in length and weighs about 2 lb.

Chakras  are life energy centers within your body which, when purified and  aligned, bring balance, ease and well-being. They are sometimes called  "energy centers."


This tool can be charged in the  sunlight by holding it over your head  for 1-2 minutes each so the energy from the sun can  collect inside the hollow pure copper tube. Copper is one of the highest  conductors of energy so the pure quartz power from the sun stored  inside the tube is used by moving it up and down the body slowly. Detailed instructions will come with your healing rod.

This  is very powerful for healing and balancing of the chakras. You can use this tool  on yourself and on friends, family and clients. We make no health or healing claims as this tool is divine and you  are responsible for understanding its power. 


Healing Rods are a perfect compliment to the Headband!

Both are very powerful tools alone and  together! Your healing rod will come with clear protective end caps  over the crystals. You should leave these on most of the time. Remove  them when charging in the sunshine but leaving these on while using this  tool is recommended for safe use as the points are sharp and you want  to keep the crystals in perfect condition. 

What Is A Chakra Blockage?


When your chakras are blocked your life energy is obstructed. Each chakra has a different purpose:

  •  Difficulty thinking, planning and understanding can related to a block in your head chakra
  • Relationship difficulties may relate to a chakra blockage in your heart center
  • Health problems can be related to blockages in your heart, solar plexus or pelvic chakra
  • Communication problems may be tied into blocks in your solar plexus center
  • Sexual issues can be related to blocks in the lower chakras
  • Depression and negativity is often related to a blocked crown center
  • Spiritual conflict can be related to obstructions in the crown


A detailed chart full of each individual  chakra function, signs of balance and imbalance, area of body and organs  it affects & more will be included with your Healing Rod so you  will be very knowledgeable about chakras and how to use your powerful  tool to help yourself and your friends, clients and family. 

Please allow 2 weeks for all orders. There is a no return policy for these tools.  All ~ US orders ~ ship priority mail FREE! 

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