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Meditation Headbands

Smooth Headband

Goddess Headband

*All 3 band styles work the same.
Choose your favorite.

Bent Headband

Crystal Lemurian Headband

AWESOME 3rd Eye Opening Tool

Referred by Zorra, Billie Woodard, Jane & Jared Rand

Powerful Galactic Transmission Receiver Tool

This special headband is ancient in its conception. It dates back to the days of Lemuria. 

Your headband is said to help open your 3rd eye and keep it open. This tool was used only for the highest purpose and good for all.  So as you use it, know that this was a special gift for us to have during this Ascension Transition period. Know also, that it IS highly powerful!  

The combination of these 3 powerful natural elements are activated upon connection to each other and thus creates a powerful tool. Pure Copper & Silver are 2 of the highest energy conductors on Earth and the Crystal which stores energy, makes this an incredible tool of transformation. 

Clear Quartz Crystals  are often referred to as the “stone of power”. It brings to life the  cosmic forces, balances chakras & enhances your ability to heal. Quartz focuses, stores, transforms, amplifies energy and allows increased intuition, confidence, power, and awareness.  

Headband Uses:

  • Ascension transition: assists with the ability to communicate with the Galactics and Higher Beings of Light.
  • Meditation: assists in achieving a deeper and focused meditation.
  • Mind: balances both left and right brain hemispheres. It enhances greater concentration and clarity. *OPENS 3rd Eye and helps keep it open
  • Body: promotes a calmer and peaceful countenance.

*Your Headband arrives fully assembled as shown. The headband strap is fully  adjustable from fitting a toddler to an adult. *The inside of the band is now lined with a soft leather.

 Included are energizing  instructions for you to personalize your Headband. 

ALL Lemurian Hollow Earth Headbands feature a custom energetically chosen Crystal just for you. 

*All 3 Headband Styles are equally powerful and work the same. The Goddess band is lighter and not as wide on the sides.

Your headband is handmade made individually just for you. PLEASE ALLOW up to 2 weeks to complete your headband. *Non-returnable item.

*Use your Headband during your daily meditations for added benefits.

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*Currently shipping to US & Canada.

*Please email to ask if a completed headband can be shipped to your country:

(Other countries can have the finished band and crystal separate mailed to you -minus the coin. This will reduce the amount to pay.  You will need to buy a 1 oz gold or silver coin in your country. Instructions on how to glue the coin & crystal to the band will be mailed with your package.) *Please email Christine for a custom offer: