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Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulation = DENAS

The PCM-6 is an ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY handheld device with BioFeedback capabilities. This device communicates with the brain to help the body naturally repair itself!  

*For those of you that listen to Zorra of Hollow Earth, we were told the Russians have advanced frequency technology that can do incredible things for the body.

Ways to Use the PCM-6 = Click here to see what areas have been covered since Christine started training

Now  you can greatly improve your life and the life of those you love! Use  this device until the Med Beds arrive 0:-) It is portable and does not  require a medical degree to use.  Consider a second one for your travel  bag. DENAS therapy continues to work in the body after your done.

The  PCM-6 is multi-lingual with 5 language choices: Russian, English,  German, French and Italian. A Spanish manual is available upon request.

Real Ttestimonials

"I  personally have this unit now and am BLOWN AWAY! Its SOOOOO AWESOME =  WOW!!!!!! I did a 20 minute session on someone who thought they broke  their foot and the next day after the DENAS session they were 80% better  and could walk without pain. Then after another 30 minute session 5  days later, they regained feeling in their foot from previous nerve  damage.  The look on their face of amazement is priceless! I have used  this on so many things. Each time falling more in love with it. Soon I  will get the Vertebra 2!"   Christine  

"The DENAS PCM-6 is like having a UFO in the palm of your hand!  You need to understand how to use it.  That's why I went to Russia for 2 1/2 weeks, to learn things that  others do not know. Special ways to use it to achieve great results that  are above and beyond the manual" Coach Jimmy  

DENAS PCM-6 NAtural Pain Relief & Body Repair Tool

All  organs in the body have special frequencies. When you send the correct  frequency to that part of the body it can line up with it and become  more healthy. And best of all its SAFE for use on all ages, even animals! It even has a children's doctor function.  This  technology has been used by hospitals, clinics and therapist for  decades with clinically proven results. It is used by top level athletes  in the Olympics to quickly overcome injuries.

Deluxe DENAS PCM-6 Back & Neck Therapy Package

 (This includes the Basic Package mentioned below PLUS the Back and Neck Therapy garment which are needed to cover larger areas for maximum results)  You Receive:

  • DENAS PCM 6 Therapy device
  • Back and Neck Therapy garments with cable connectors
  • 6 months of sticky therapy pads
  • Earlobe Electrodes (Tinnitus, Brain, Insomnia)
  • Protective Case, English Manual
  • FREE Training Webinars ($2800 value)
  • FREE Phone Support 24/7

Benefits & Results are PRICELESS ~  Deluxe Package DENAS PCM-6 Special $925

Basic Package DENAS PCM-6 Special

You Receive: 

  • DENAS PCM 6 Therapy device
  • Earlobe Electrodes
  • 6 months of sticky therapy pads = 2 sizes
  • Protective Case
  • English Manual
  • FREE Training Webinars ($2800 value)
  • FREE Phone Support 24/7

Benefits & Results are PRICELESS
~ Basic Package DENAS PCM-6 Special ...$645 

*Therapy garments are non returnable.