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There is much to be said about this tool.

This tool is not an accessory it is not jewelry it is exactly what it is a tool for those who want to develop a sense of self care, awareness, love and growth.

This is a serious tool that can not be toyed with, mishandled, abused for show and tell. This is a psionic  tool. Please take this seriously and respect it. 

LaRoyce Boppré on Apr 5, 2019
***** 5 out of 5 stars

This headband is amazing!!!

Words cant explain how amazing this thing is. This Headband is hands down one of the best things i have ever bought.

lilman0322 on Dec 8, 2018
***** 5 out of 5 stars  

Incredible product!

Well worth the asking. Another tool for enlightenment.  A++

Parker on Feb 2, 2018
***** 5 out of 5 stars     

My Headaches are GONE!

I ordered a bent band style hollow earth head band for my friend. I tested it for a week and all my (terrible) headaches disappeared, so I decided to keep this one for my self. Now I need to buy him another one. Thank you So much, Juha

(*Individual results will vary… note from Christine)

Energy Workers Love Working with a Headband!

I came across the products offered by and when I was looking for a product to balance the natural energies in and around me and they have totally changed my life and business for the better! As a Natural Healer, for over 10 years now, I use the crystal headband every day. I use it in my energy sessions to help me better connect with the energy of the other person, taking my sessions from foggy impressions to crystal clear visions with total clarity. Not only that but it helps me clean and balance their energy as well giving them a deeper healing. I could not believe the difference once I started using it. I also use the headband during my meditations to reach higher levels of connection with divine consciousness and it works! I can always go deeper when the headband is on.

I was definitely lucky to have found these products and I would totally recommend them to friends, family and other energy practitioners. 5 out of 5 Stars!   Thank you! Love Robyn

Bringing true natural balance to your body, mind and world

Thank you for my Headband!

I got every thing today. My feet are humming to have your Harmonizer shoe inserts again. I have the gorgeous head band on. I am so blessed! The biggest thank you ever Christine. I am humbled and deeply grateful. Namaste, Bonnie

We Love Our Headbands!

We received our headbands today, they are so beautiful and amazing. Thank you so very much. Rebecca was in awe when she opened it. Much Love, Abel